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Come with us! Relive our past adventures while we remember happy memories! 

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Third Year Girls -- we're the original WINS students!

Junior Girls -- we learned to love science!

Geology Day! -- looking down rather than up on the Hill can be fun!

Skyfest -- we helped the many visitors who came to the top of Big Blue on a beautiful day in 2001! 

Briarwood was the spot we visited to learn about oceanography! Our visit came shortly after September 11 -- see what we saw on the Cape!

Sippewissett gave us the chance to study salt water marshes and marine plants and animals!

Woods Hole - Visit the world-famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute!

Online Weather -- we learned to see weather in a whole different way!

Go Fly a Kite! -- a wonderful "kite fly" on Big Blue!

New Girls -- see how we started our lives as WINS girls!

Learning Paleontology -- Mrs. B dug some fossils for us to clean and study!

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