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Want to know what WBZ-TV 4 and the Blue Hill Observatory have in common? WINS girls, of course!

Channel 4 TV Meteorologist Melissa Bell took time from her busy schedule to provide us with several tours of the weather center and the studio. She explained how she puts her daily forecast together and the computer-based information she uses to do so. She even let us have a chance to be in front of the "green board" ourselves!

   WBZsign.JPG (54185 bytes)   

Our first stop was the weather center, which is full of computers and faxes that generate weather maps. Ms. Bell told us how she became interested in the weather and what coursework she did to prepare for a meteorology career. 

   weathercenter.JPG (66650 bytes)

Not surprisingly, she started out working with computers. She sure had a lot to work with at Channel 4!

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