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 d.JPG (160833 bytes) TWO MILES UNDER

That's how far New England was under a sheet of ice, and for over a million years! The four great Ice Ages left their marks on the Boston area, and we not only learned about glaciers, but common rocks and minerals as well.

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Mrs. Birtwell first showed us a computerized presentation which explained what glaciers were, how they were created, and what they did to the landscape over which they passed.

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Then, she taught us the geologic history of the Blue Hills. 

f.JPG (34433 bytes) When the South Shore Plaza was built in the 1950's, the contractors found trilobites -- ancient animals that went extinct before the dinosaurs even existed -- in a rock formation called the "Braintree Shale". They sort of looked like those roly-poly bugs you find when you lift up a rock -- except these were a foot long!

Two Miles 2